Wednesday 19 August

Motor Works Gallery - 39-41 Arnold Street South Yarra

6.30pm - 9.30pm

The Mystery Postcard Exhibition@MGS is an exhibition and sale of original postcard-sized artworks, by invited Australian acclaimed artists, designers, architects and creative friends!  It's your chance to get your hands on original works of art for a postcard price!

This year's event will contain hundreds of works by over 100 artists.  Artists and friends of Melbourne Grammar School will be creating special works for the exhibition which can be viewed on line leading up to the exhibition. With these generous contributions,  Obscura hopes to raise money to support the Melbourne Grammar School Sculpture Program and the Melbourne City Mission, Melbourne Academy 'Art Exhibition'.



An exhibition of Artwork by 3D students (semester 1)

Curated by Kate Hendry

Open Friday 24 July - Friday 14 August 2015

Motor Works Gallery - 39-41 Arnold Street South Yarra

Open 9am - 4pm Monday - Friday


July 11 - August 30

MATTEAWAN GALLERY -  464 Main Street, Beacon, New York 12508  

Curated by Krista Svalbonas

Janice Caswell, Emily Hass, Ryan Sarah Murphy, Cat Poljski, Krista Svalbonas

Matteawan Gallery is pleased to present de•con•struct, an exhibition of drawing, collage, photography, and mixed-media works by Janice Caswell, Emily Hass, Ryan Sarah Murphy, Cat Poljski, and Krista Svalbonas. The exhibition is curated by Krista Svalbonas and features artists who explore notions of memory, identity, and temporality through a process of deconstructing and reassembling architectural imagery. Janice Caswell removes architectural structures from their original context by covering sections of photographs with a thin layer of white paint. The resulting abstracted image contains traces of information about a place or building, while calling attention to certain shapes or architectural details. Caswell often focuses on imperfect structures that are functional and seem to have evolved organically. For her, this process transforms, even redeems, objects overlooked in the everyday, revealing their beauty and character, and giving them newfound purpose. Emily Hass explores history through the use of architecture in her work. Her gouache on paper drawings reference the buildings occupied by her family, other Jews, and persecuted artists and intellectuals who were forced to leave Germany in the late 1930s. In the series Exiles, Hass refers to the original architectural plans and sections of homes, many since demolished. Her work “aims to recognize the loss of this property both as a historical fact and a trauma of displacement.” She uses vintage paper to echo the pages of the archival files and books that provided her with her source material. “Through architecture, the work is concerned with identity, place - and a culture's loss both of individual citizens and of a creative tradition.” Ryan Sarah Murphy creates abstract sculptural wall-mounted collages from found cardboard and book covers. She is interested in using common, everyday materials in ways that reference both construction and deconstruction or decay. The built-up layers of cardboard have an architectural quality and resemble cityscapes or infrastructures, as well as the uneven terrain of a landscape. Murphy’s work can be seen as a metaphor for things being torn down and rebuilt, a construction site where the past and present meet. Cat Poljski’s prints are spatial experiments that move between real and imagined architecture, creating a continually changing visual experience. Her abstracted viewpoints question notions of space and time. Poljski is interested in the limitations of the world in which we live and our mind’s tendency to create memories that are more appealing than what was actually experienced. Her prints are composed of layered architectural elements that mirror her process of combining etching, aquatint, and relief prints in one work.  

Contact  845-440-7901



Tuesday 26 May

219 Cotham Road Kew

10am -11.45am

The Lyon Housemuseum is a private house and private art collection located in Kew. The Housemuseum displays selected works from the Lyon Collection of contemporary art, which includes paintings, sculpture, video work and installations by many of Australia's leading contemporary artists.

The Housemuseum builds on a long linage of private art collections in residential settings including Sir John Soane’s Museum in London, New York’s Frick Collection, the Peggy Guggenheim Collection in Venice and Melbourne’s Heide Museum of Modern Art. The Housemuseum presents works from the Collection in a combination of museum scaled spaces and residential settings, juxtaposing paintings and installations with the house's living spaces and domestic furniture. 

Numbers are limited to 25, so please rsvp asap to Gaye Weeden to book -  Cost is $28 including morning tea. Payment details will be provided when you email Gaye to book your place.


Adam Cawood


Motor Works Gallery - 39-41 Arnold Street South Yarra

Opening Night 24 April 6-9 pm

Friday 24 - Friday 6 May



Monday 16 - Friday 20 March

Motor Works Gallery - 39-41 Arnold Street South Yarra

This year the focus for Arts Week is on bringing the creative and performing arts to the streets of MGS. There are several workshops that are on offer for students and staff to join in on. The week commences with an opening ceremony on Monday Morning. We would like you all to assemble in a circle around the quad to be a part of the celebration. This year promises to be magical! 

The Arts Committee have worked feverishly to deliver a program that is enriching and inviting. Our meetings have been energetic with lots of ideas, discussion and compromise. The aim of the week is to awaken the senses and revitalize the urge to collaborate, participate and re-invent your creative self! 

I am delighted to be a part of this and I would like to thank everyone for their contribution. I encourage you to read the program, get involved and be a part of all that is on offer.  Ms Cat Poljski, Head of Creative Arts. 

Full event and workshop details refer to the arts program booklet.

WIP - An Exhibition of works in progress by current year 12 students, 9am to 5pm during Arts Week in the Motor Works Gallery. 

Motor Works Gallery - 39-41 Arnold Street South Yarra