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Mitchell Mcauley

Apartment Building 30 x 45 x 15 cm, wood, paint

Artist Biography

Artist Biography

Mitchell McAuley was a student at Melbourne Grammar. He graduated the Victorian College of the Arts in 1984. He exhibited widely in Melbourne, including two exhibitions at Rumbarellas Gallery. After a period of travelling and working in advertising, he created the successful and well known brand ‘Mitch Dowd Boxer Shorts’. The success had its downside, and he was forced to put his art career to the side. In 1996 he left the business, and got back to what he loved most, ART, but this time a bit wiser and wealthier.

McAuley has a young family, and a property in the hills of central Victoria, where he creates in his straw-bale studio. An avid environmentalist, he lives the way he preaches in a rammed earth building, powered by solar and wind power. In 2011, McAuley left with his family to live in Bologna, Italy for an adventure of exploration, painting and art history.

Since working in Italy he has begun an exploratory journey into the aesthetics of architecture and time. Art is his agency of enquiry, in which he fuses the past — which contains many states of what were once the present — into his own contemporary moment. This is the seduction of history, and for an Australian artist looking backwards over European historical time McAuley’s art practice has taken an exciting detour into Europe’s formidable landscapes, traditions and art. With the architecture of Italy, Spain and Portugal, from fifteenth century basilicas, Roman catacombs, Moorish citadels or modern masterpieces, McAuley has developed what might be called an entry and exit methodology, a narrative about Time as a quantum concept of materiality, ideas and transience.

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