What is the Gear Box arts cube?

The Gear Box Arts Cube is a Melbourne Grammar School initiative in collaboration with art interested parents, the School Art Department and Melbourne's commercial art galleries to provide a unique, small and self-contained exhibition space for practicing artists. 

The Gear Box Arts Cube is a one x one metre sized gallery space which can be viewed from the street twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, contained within the school Motor Works Gallery building at Arnold Street, South Yarra, a 'gallery within a gallery'. 

Our aim is to encourage dialogue between the Melbourne Grammar School community and the wider visual arts community. The Gear Box Arts Cube is managed by Gear Box Arts, a voluntary parents committee. 

Who can exhibit at the Gear Box arts cube? 

Professional practising artists who produce museum quality works of art, represented at leading commercial galleries. Also the winner of the Gear Box Arts’ annual Gear Box Arts Gallery Award is offered an exhibition opportunity.

What type of work can be exhibited in the Gear Box arts cube? 

Specially commissioned or existing work. Any medium, functional or not and broadly representative of the artists practice which fits within the dimensions.

What's in it for the artist and the artists' gallery? 

The Gear Box Arts Cube provides a great opportunity to exhibit and promote the gallery, the artist and their work to new audiences. A significant proportion of the Melbourne Grammar School community is generally arts interested and many are high profile supporters of the wider arts community in Melbourne and Australia. The association with a progressive secondary school and its community has potential for positive exchange between exhibiting artists and the school community. Any sales enquiries will be directed to the artists' representing gallery and the details of the gallery will be displayed in the Gear Box Arts Cube window.

What contact does the artist have with the students? 

Exhibiting artists may be invited to speak or conduct a workshop to senior art students at the school for a small fee.  Alternatively, the arts@mgs committee may arrange a tour to the artists' gallery for students and parents as an introduction to the artists' work.

What promotion is done for the Gear Box Cube?

Exhibitions are promoted to the school community via the weekly e-news bulletins, Gear Box Arts newsletter hosted on the Melbourne Grammar School website, the School Art Department and now online at www.artsmgs.com