The vision of the Melbourne Grammar School Sculpture Program is to assemble a collection of museum standard contemporary Australian sculpture, for permanent display within the Melbourne Grammar School grounds, with a focus on works which prompt interdisciplinary dialogue, for the benefit and enjoyment of students, staff and the wider Melbourne Grammar School community.  The introduction of a School Sculpture Program in the school grounds will be designed to present cultural options which stimulate, challenge and educate the students.  

The arts@mgs committee has supported the Melbourne Grammar School art department by developing creative programs which connects the school and students to the wider arts community as seen in the Gear Box Gallery program of exhibitions and speakers, educational tours to commercial and public galleries and specialist exhibitions and artist talks to students at Motor Works Gallery. 

The Friends of Grammar (FOG) committee is proud of its many years support for the school and students in fulfilling many requests for much needed items and also in its important work supporting less obvious and tangible programs such as scholarships, bursaries and artist/writer-in-residence initiatives. 

The concept of developing the Melbourne Grammar School Sculpture Program has evolved from discussions between arts@mgs and FOG on the value of creativity in education and its longer term application throughout life.  Together these groups wish to inspire a program which creates greater opportunity for creative and cultural exchange in and around the school. 

"Cultural Transmission is defined as the process of passing on culturally relevant knowledge, skills, attitudes and values from person to person and cultural to culture.  Such an infusion of cultural values, whether it be a life-long love of music, or of literature, or of architecture or of the visual arts generally begins with a conversation about an experience jointly shared."  Rupert Myer.