arts@mgs would like to thank all the artists who

created postcards for OBSCURA 2013 and all those

who lined up outside the motor works gallery to

choose a masterpiece by a mystery artist.

The anticipation could be felt as the crowd gathered outside the question marked windows of the Motor Works Gallery on the 28 of August for the inaugural Obscura Mystery Postcard Exhibition@MGS 2013.  The pop up Mr Hamburger van was keeping crowd control while the FOG volunteers processed the collectors.  Delicious offerings from Spoonful Catering mellowed the scene inside.

Mr Kelley warmly welcomed the crowd and introduced OM and NGV curator Max Delany, who delighted both parents and guests with his insightful and interesting journey from MGS to his present profession in the arts.  Waiting inside the gallery, a group of dedicated students had agreed to don one 'white-glove' and professionally handle the precious artworks and the eager collectors.  The doors opened and the postcards flew off the shelves as excited collectors discovered the remarkable creations.  Gambles were taken and then signatures revealed. No one was disappointed as a true collector will agree, artwork is appreciated for the enjoyment it gives. 

The breadth of artistic styles made for a visually stunning exhibition, with contributions from artists, designers, photographers, students, teachers and creative people from all walks of life.  Their artistic passion was evident but the event also highlighted the importance of visual arts in both education and community.  A powerful message was reiterated by the numerous kind words of support from parents, families, artists and friends of MGS, who all experienced this exciting event.

By the end of the night, over 300 postcards had been sold, with over $15,000 raised for the Melbourne Grammar School's Sculpture Walk and the Indigenous Arts Program.  We hope to see you all again in 2015.

arts@mgs Committee

Kate Alstergren, Morena Buffon, Susan Jones, Sandra Shmith, Fiona Stephens, Gaye Weeden